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About Us

Smooth Beauty Cosmetics is a skin care and beauty company with a mission to help, grow and listen to our customers. We want to ensure our customers that they know they are beautiful inside and out. Using our skin care products with enhance the glow of your skin, rejuvenate and keep your face silky smooth! Our products are not tested on animals. We DO NOT believe in that!

(Disclaimer: If you know and have sensitive skin or is allergic to certain ingredients in skin care products, please read ingredients on each of the products before using them on your face! ALL ingredients are 100 percent safe! We as Smooth Beauty Cosmetics, want to make sure all of our customers skin is not harmed and is not allergic to any of the ingredients in our products. Thank you!)


Come and be apart of a growing company, beauty has many voice and all needs to be heard!



CEO & Founder,

Trevon Opie

Smooth Beauty Cosmetics